The pandemic immobilized many branches of the economy, but not ours! Professional OHS online trainings

Why us?

We have been taking care of Polish entrepreneurs’ safety for over 19 years. We met thousands of people and conducted hundreds of trainings. Based on our experience, we made a conclusion that every company needs professional support in three most important areas: accountancy, legal issues and occupational health and safety. When they function well, you don’t even know they exist. When one of the pillars fails – the company stops operating efficiently.

Our employees are specialists with several or dozen years of experience. Professionals who gain experience at the client’s in the company and not at the desk. As a result, today we can say that we can meet any challenge related to the security of your company.

With our help, business is run quickly, but calmly – without nerves, wasting time on papers, offices and queues. Just safely.

Occupational health and safety

We deal with everything related to Occupational health and safety. We conduct OHS training throughout Poland. Are you looking for health and safety specialists or are you not satisfied with the service so far? Let us know, we work quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Fire protection

We help in adapting buildings, facilities and areas to the requirements of fire protection. We make the necessary analyses and assessments and conduct fire protection audits.

Environment protection

The smooth running of your company has a real impact on the environment. It is up to you what this impact will be. With a few small changes, you can make your business serve the future of next generations. This is what responsible and modern business is all about.

Courses and trainings

We have been training for over 19 years. Our classes are full of practical knowledge that you can easily apply in your company. We explain each issue on the basis of examples that we learned while working with clients.

Fire Day, pre-medical first aid courses, Safety Day / Safety Week, professional trainings, qualification courses and others.

Safe building

Are you a manager or owner of a building object, including a large-volume one?

We will carry out a periodic inspection of the technical condition and safety of the facility for you.

hanks to us, the life of the building is longer and its use – comfortable and trouble-free.

Management systems

Your company may not only be one of the best in its industry, but also the safest. Thanks to certified management systems, you will set trends on the market. ISO is an international management system that is won by the best.


The pandemic immobilized many branches of the economy, but not ours! You can do all of our trainings and courses online.

Fire Day

Fireday is a practical fire protection training conducted with the usage of an extinguishing trainer, combined with first aid training for people injured in fires. The training is conducted in conditions as close to the real fire as possible.

Training room rental

The rooms are especially recommended for the organization of: trainings, language and computer courses, meetings of project teams, recruitment and presentation of services or goods. If you are interested in full catering service and other additional services, i.e. preparation of training materials, training service, please contact us!

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