About us


We have been taking care of Polish entrepreneurs’ safety for 19 years. We met thousands of people and conducted hundreds of trainings. Based on our experience, we made a conclusion that every company needs professional support in three most important areas: accountancy, legal issues and occupational health and safety. When they function well, you don’t even know they exist. When one of the pillars fails – the company stops operating efficiently.

Our employees are specialists with several or dozen years of experience. Professionals who gain experience at the client’s in the company and not at the desk. As a result, today we can say that we can meet any challenge related to the security of your company.

With our help, business is run quickly, but calmly – without nerves, wasting time on papers, offices and queues.


  • We lift the level of safety up

    to 99%

  • Construction supervision of

    316 Turbin Wiatrowych

  • We have inspected and tested

    225,000m of Hydrant Towers

  • We have performed

    186,000 Audits

  • We have obtained PLN 17 million for the implementation of

    tasks in the field of safety

  • We have travelled around the globe

    976 times for our customers, which is around 39,069,280km

  • We have carried out risk assessments and updates for

    70,000 workplaces

  • We have already completed

    672,000 services

  • 0 services Przeprowadziliśmy

    17 265 Kursów


  1. Establishment of the company J&J

  2. J&J training centre arises

  3. Permanent service for 100 companies

  4. First supervision of a wind farm construction project

  5. Implementation of ISO 9001

  6. New services for the energy sector - expansion of the Lotos refinery in Gdansk

  7. All-Poland range of activities - the branch in Gdańsk is established

  8. Permanent service for 200 companies

  9. Establishment of a Non-public Lifelong Learning Institution

  10. Winner of the "Pomeranian Eagle 2012" plebiscite

  11. Winner of the "Company of the Year 2012" competition

  12. Permanent service for 300 companies

  13. Implementation of Audi24 - an innovative way to carry out audits

  14. Safety Day - We promote a culture of safety in companies

  15. Fire training in practice - introduction of Fire Day

  16. A partnership approach in occupational health and safety services for OHS service

  17. materiał wspomagający process szkoleniowy - 2019 First original publication in comic book form - material to support the training process

  18. Creation of a Work Safety Centre for Wind Turbines

  19. Service development using augmented reality - VR trainings

  20. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in security management

  21. 20 years of J&J